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The best places in Wexford for walks include Rosslare Harbour, Ballyteigue Burrow, Slieve Coillte, Forth Mountain, and Raven Point Wood. These places have walking trails that offer spectacular views, fantastic flora and fauna, things of historical significance, among others.

Let’s look at these places in detail to know why they are the best places in Wexford for your family holiday, especially if you plan on having exciting walks.

Rosslare Harbour

Rosslare Harbour trails include a 3.4 km trail along a clifftop for a spectacular view of the Rosslare Harbour below, or a 2.87 km walk through the village to explore the maritime town.

In Rosslare Harbour, there are two trails to explore – the Clifftop trail and the Village trail.

Clifftop trail

The Clifftop trail is a linear route of about 3.4 km. It’s an easy 1-hour walk ideal for everyone in the family, even little children. The walk is excellent for coastal views.

The trail starts at the Viewing Point off Rosslare Ferrypont. 

It goes to the Children’s Playground and continues south towards Grenore Point. 

The clifftop walk gives you a fantastic view of the coastline and sandy beaches below. You can also see the Rosslare Harbour below as you watch ferries come and go. 

Clifftop trail

The Village trail

The trail is a loop route of about 2.87km. It’s also graded easy and takes about 45 minutes. It starts at the Viewing Point (just like the Clifftop Trail). Both trails continue together for about 1km as far as the Children’s Playground. As the clifftop continues south, the village trail veers right into the village.

The Village route allows you to explore the maritime town. Explore the secret garden in the Village Park along the way.

You’ll walk past historic houses for coastguards and lightkeepers. You’ll also go past facilities built for seamen and other workers who built and maintained port services for trains and boats.

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The Village trail

Ballyteigue Burrow, Kilmore Quay

Ballyteigue Burrow trail is a 4.5 km loop trail in a national reserve to see spectacular flora and fauna.

Ballyteigue Burrow is a reserve of international importance because it has some of the most impressive sand dunes in the southeast. You can walk along the shore or through the dunes.

The Ballyteigue Burrow trail is a 4.5 km loop trail. It is a 1 hour 15 minutes walk that is graded moderate. It starts at the Kilmore Quay Harbour car park and takes you along a memorial garden. 

You can stick to the shore, which allows you to take in the sight of seabirds. Through the dunes, you’ll be delighted by fantastic flora and fauna. 

Plant species include rare wild asparagus and sweet-smelling wild thyme. The animal species include rare bees, butterflies, snails, woodlice, wasps, and more.

From elevated places in the trail, you’ll catch a panoramic view of the whole area, capturing Hook Lighthouse, Forth Mountain, and the Saltee Islands.

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Ballyteigue Burrow, Kilmore Quay

Slieve Coillte

The Slieve Coillte trail is a 3.5km trail up a hill to see the Rebellion memorial stone and spectacular panoramic views of the surrounding counties.

Slieve Coillte is a hill, which is the highest point on the Hook Peninsula. So, it offers a trail to the summit to view the entire peninsula. 

The Slieve Coillte trail should take about 45 minutes. The one-way uphill walk is graded moderate/ medium. Interestingly, the trail is car-friendly, so you can drive to the summit instead of walking. 

Apart from the scenic views from the viewpoint at the summit, there is a 1.3km circular track. So, people who drive up can still get the experience of walking. There’s also a memorial stone to the Irish rebellion of 1798.

Going to Slieve Coillte for walks afford you the opportunity for more adventures. Just opposite the hill is the 620 acres JFK Arboretum which houses about 4,500 species of trees and shrubs.

You also need a good place to stay if you have Slieve Coillte in mind. Your family will enjoy this 3-Bedroom Powerfield House in Duncannon – one of the villages around the Slieve Coillte.

Slieve Coillte

Forth Mountain

Forth Mountain trail is a 10km walk up the mountain with immense historical significance for amazing panoramic views of the Wexford coastline. It’s of moderate difficulty and will take about 2 hours. 

Forth Mountain is a rock outcrop of about 235m high just outside Wexford Town. The unique mountain is the only one in Ireland with 600 million years old rocks. The also mountain played a vital role in the 1798 Irish Rebellion.

The loop trail starts at the New Line car park. It takes you to the Cambrian quartzite mounds of Carrigatinna Rock. 

Turn right to reach Skeator Rock, where you’ll get stunning views of the Wexford coastline. You’ll catch all of Rosslare, Saltee Islands, Our Lady Island, Hook Head lighthouse, including the Waterford estuary.

Other routes give you similarly exciting views. 

Going through Pennyland gives you picturesque views of the Grotto, the Black mountains, and the south of the county. While following the gentler gradient of Tincurra gives you picturesque views of Barntown, Blackstairs Mountain, and the west of the county.

You’ll also spot mountain animals like foxes as well as birds like pheasants, woodcocks, and cuckoos.

For the fantastic adventure that awaits you and your family in the Forth Mountain trail, you need a great staging area. That’s why you need this newly refurbished 3-bedroom self-catering holiday home in the Faythe area of Wexford Town. 

Forth Mountain

Raven Point Wood

Raven Point Wood trail is a 6.8km trail from the Raven Nature Reserve to the Curracloe beach, allowing you to enjoy nature from two fronts – the woods and the beach.

Raven Point Wood is a nature reserve owned by the NPWS (National Parks and Wildlife Service). The reserve is just behind Curracloe beach, which is the most visited beach in Ireland. The Raven Point Wood trail takes you through the woodland and onto the beach.

The trail takes about 1 hour 30 minutes. There are no accents, except when climbing the dunes to reach the beach. So, it is an easy-graded walk.

The trail starts at the  Raven Nature Reserve car park. It takes you into the woods to take in the cool shade and green blanket of the trees. These are mainly Corsican pines, but Sycamore, Grey Willow, and Creeping Willow also add variety.

Red squirrels and other animals may be seen. If you go in winter, the wild goose population in one of the fields across the trail will also thrill you.   

From the woodland walk, the trail takes you onto the white sands of the Curracloe beach for a whole different experience. Walking along the beach, you can enjoy the wind work the waves. 

Raven Point Wood


Wexford, which is in southeast Ireland, has some of the country’s most sought-after destinations. 

With easy to moderate walking trails that give unforgettable outdoor experiences, some of the best places in Wexford to visit for walks include Rosslare Harbour, Ballyteigue Burrow, Slieve Coillte, Forth Moutain, and Raven Point Wood.

However, when planning that great Wexford outdoor experience for your family, you need to plan for suitable accommodation. The apartment you leave and then return to will either enrich or dampen their overall experience.

Book one of our self-catering homes in Wexford to enjoy one of its amazing walking trails.

We have a variety of rental homes, so no matter your style or budget, we will find you the perfect accommodation. 

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