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Clare offers fun-filled activities for kids and adults to enjoy. You can allow your talented child to explore more at StageSchool, fly a simulated plane, play paintball, ride horses, or celebrate your kid’s birthday party. All these activities are held in different ideal and memorable locations.

Clare has a rugged coastline with glorious beaches and some distinct family attractions. It is home to the Atlantic Air Adventures Museum, the Ardnacrusha Power Station, the Clonlara Equestrian Centre, and the Burren Birds of Prey Centre.

Let us look at some of the activities the whole family can enjoy while in Clare.

1. Visit Ardnacrusha Power Station

Before travelling out on-site to see the stunning headrace canal, locks, and tailrace, you’ll see the Ardnacrusha Experience at the newly restored visitors’ centre. Once inside the station, you’ll enjoy a sequence of animations that showcase the living heritage of the Shannon Scheme.

Visitors are allowed access to the station’s heart, including views of the turbine hall and a tour of the historic control room.

The free guided excursions, which last about 90 minutes, may accommodate parties of up to 30 persons. 

Ardnacrusha is an operational power plant, meaning tours are only accessible Monday through Friday.

Ardnacrusha Hydroelectric Power Station is considered one of the most significant engineering achievements of the twentieth century. It is also one of Ireland’s most important engineering achievements.

Ardnacrusha was built as part of the Shannon hydroelectric plan and took only four years and 5,000 men to complete. 

Ardnacrusha became a symbol of forward-thinking regarding utilising Ireland’s natural resources after costing about one-fifth of the whole annual budget.

Ardnacrusha now accounts for about 2% of the total electricity consumed throughout the entire country. 

Visit Ardnacrusha Power Station

2. Book your child a session at StageSchool in Ireland

StageSchool Ireland in Clare has the ideal program for curious and creative young children. Since 2007, StageSchool has been teaching youngsters dancing, acting, and singing, and they take delight in building life skills.

The ethos of StageSchool is to allow children to develop gradually and at their own pace, allowing them to reach their most tremendous potential.

Your child may choose to pursue a career in the performing arts, and whatever their ambition, the competent team at StageSchool, ensures that they stay grounded.

The curriculum is broad to allow students to experience a wide range of styles and talents. All classes are led by competent teachers who are passionate about what they do.

The dance lesson at StageSchool Clare will help your child improve their coordination and technique. They will also be able to practice popular pop-dance routines and musical theatre ensemble pieces.

Through improvisation and role play, young people will explore their creativity while increasing their language, social awareness, and communication skills.

The school introduces students to various musical rhythms and tempos, testing them with multiple songs while increasing technique, numeracy, and voice talent.

StageSchool Ireland has learned one thing over many years: children love to accomplish and flourish in a disciplined, trusting atmosphere. 

StageSchool Ireland has established the highest standards and upholds them with the help of a network of Irish schools.

Book your child a session at StageSchool in Ireland

3. Visit the Atlantic Air Adventures Museum

At their unique facility in Shannon, Atlantic Air Adventures Museum provides engaging, informative, and fun programs for children, teens, and families. Dedicated aviators, engineers, and industry professionals share their knowledge, experience, and passion for flight.

Aviation is their passion at Atlantic Air Adventures in Shannon, Co. Clare. Their goal is to involve everyone who wants to learn more about the fascinating world of aviation.

Your family can learn how planes fly with a pre-flight ground school lecture, then put your newfound knowledge to the test with a simulated flight in a high-performance aerobatic aircraft. 

Flying on a simulated plane is an excellent activity for the whole family.

You will also learn more about the displays of aircraft, jet engines, landing gear, and cockpits, including the iconic Spitfire. 

The museum also provides an interactive guided tour displaying a great collection of model aeroplane relics and memorabilia.

Bring your camera since visitors will also get the opportunity to sit on an actual plane. A single tour at the museum lasts for approximately 2 hours. The price per individual is €20.00. The tours begin every day at 2 p.m.

Children aged seven and up are welcome to participate, but an adult must accompany them at all times. One or two adults can also try out a 15-minute B737 NG flight experience that costs €45.00.

Visit the Atlantic Air Adventures Museum

4. Visit the Burren and the Flaggy Shore

The youngsters will enjoy identifying the unusual flora and fauna in The Burren’s beautiful terrain. Clare’s Flaggy Shore provides a fantastic beachfront family walk at New Quay, immediately off the N67 Kinvara/Ballyvaughan road.

Here, you will walk with the wild Atlantic Ocean on one side and the Burren limestone rocks on the other. 

The circle trek connects New Quay with Finavarra Point and is excellent for the whole family. 

You have the option to walk along the beach or the peaceful road.

You can also enjoy bike riding on this road with your family, but you should be aware of cars since it is a public road.

Visit the Burren and the Flaggy Shore

5. View magnificent birds at Burren Birds of Prey Center

The Burren Birds of Prey Centre at Aillwee Cave provides a unique glimpse into the world of majestic birds of prey for both adults and children. The centre is home to falcons, hawks, owls, eagles, and vultures from all around the world. 

Each cage allows visitors to see, hear, and interact with these magnificent birds while learning about the historic sport of falconry.

Furthermore, some of the birds on site are part of the World Wide Breeding Program for rare and endangered species, providing a unique opportunity to see these animals.

Individual tickets are available on the Aillwee Cave website

Attending one of the daily flying demonstrations highlights every family visit to the Burren Birds of Prey Centre.

You and your children can watch these magnificent birds soar and wheel in the region at the foot of Aillwee Mountain against the spectacular background of The Burren in a specially created arena.

A hawk will fly to and from you during the flying demonstrations for a memorable 45 minutes of wonder and exhilaration. 

Burren Birds of Prey Center welcomes people of all ages and requires no prior expertise.

Their goal is to share the joy and excitement of falconry with you, a passion that has captivated people for over 4,000 years. 

The prices in the centre differ according to the different packages and forms of entertainment they offer.

6. Quality family time at the Lahinch Seaworld and Leisure Centre

Lahinch Seaworld and Leisure Centre has a state-of-the-art Gym and Fitness Centre. It also has a full-sized swimming pool with a jacuzzi, sauna, and tanning room. You can splash about in the 25-meter indoor, deck-level heated swimming pool while your kids play in the children’s pool.

Lahinch Seaworld is located on the Atlantic Ocean promenade in Lahinch, County Clare. 

The Lahinch Seaworld Eliminator inflatable obstacle course comes every Sunday during the Crazy Hour. 

You must be able to swim or wear armbands since the trail ends in the deep end.

A staff of highly qualified lifeguards keeps an eye on the pool and is ready to respond to any emergency.

Cross trainers, treadmills, rowing machines, dumbbells, and bicycles are among the cardiovascular and strength training equipment available at the Leisure Centre’s air-conditioned fitness centre.

Are you planning to throw a conventional birthday party complete with all of the classic party games, disco music, cake, and treats? 

You can utilise the Activity Centre, which offers a spacious room, top-of-the-line audiovisual equipment, and a bouncy castle.

Alternatively, if it’s a nice day, you can move your party to the courtyard. 

Some of the activities for a birthday party include:

  • Obstacle Course
  • The Eliminator
  • Movie Time
  • Video Games
  • Party Time

7. Ride horses at the Clonlara Equestrian Centre

Clonlara Equestrian Centre is a family-owned and operated riding facility that offers horse breeding, sale, and horse riding training. It features an international-sized indoor arena, mini cross-country, 60 stables, a horse walker, and acres of countryside for trekking.

The riding school is located on 130 acres of farmland and is excellent for the following activities:

  • Lessons
  • Kids Club
  • Trekking 
  • Hosting competitions
  • Cross-country

The Centre caters to all levels of riders from 4 years old to adults. Before entering a class, the school requires all new riders to take four individual private lessons with an instructor on a one-on-one basis.

It helps to familiarise you with horsemanship fundamentals, which is necessary to stay up in a group class.

Depending on the age and previous experience, some children and adults may require more, but this is usually reviewed after two or three sessions. 

All horse riding instructors at the Clonlara Equestrian Centre are BHS-certified and trained in first aid and child protection.

Other lessons at the camp include learning how to groom, tacking up, talks on horse care, mucking out, and projects on various topics.

Their hikes take you through the 150-acre farm and the East Clare countryside. 

On Friday, there is a celebration, and everyone who is undergoing training is there with a framed photo of themselves and their favourite horse.

When booking, Clonlara Equestrian Centre aims to gather as much information as possible about the riders’ previous riding experience and their approximate heights and weights. 

As a result, the horse and rider can be matched appropriately.

All beginners are escorted, and depending on the number of participants, you may be accompanied by two escorts. 

The Centre has most of the necessary equipment, such as hats and boots, but you need to bring your wellington boots or a heeled boot.

8. Paintball at Deerpark Outdoor Centre

Deerpark Outdoor Centre provides a unique experience for paintball fans, featuring special activities paired with the best protective gear and paintball guns. It is a terrific attraction for friends and families and kids’ birthday parties and group outings.

Deerpark Outdoor Centre is the first paintball location in Ireland to provide paintball activities to children as young as ten. 

Some of the benefits and main attractions of the centre include:

  • Spectacular location
  • Original games
  • High-quality equipment
  • Friendly and skilled personnel

Deerpark Outdoor Centre is open every day from 10 a.m to 5 p.m; for anyone aged ten years and above. 

The charge for children is €25 while that for adults is €30.


There is something for everyone in Clare, whether you want to walk outside and enjoy nature, learn about history, or simply let the kids have fun. Clare is a beautiful county providing ideal and strategic locations for multiple fun family activities.

While at the county, Relax Ireland offers visitors some of the best accommodation options. You can book a vacation home for your family’s visit with us on our website.

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