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There are several swimming beaches in Ireland, such as Barley Cove Beach in Cork, Inch Beach in Kerry, and Dog’s Bay in Galway. Visiting these swimming beaches in Ireland will provide you and your family with more than enough fun. 

Are you looking for a place where you and your family can spend your vacation? You must be missing a great deal if you haven’t given these beautiful beaches a thought.

You can do several things on these swimming beaches in Ireland like boating, paddle boarding, and sea kayaking. You can create a memorable vacation experience by visiting Ireland’s swimming beaches.

We know how much you might want to visit the swimming beaches in Ireland and understand you might experience difficulty finding the best. This is why we provide you with a list of the top swimming beaches in Ireland. 

Assure yourself of a well-spent holiday at the stunning beaches in Ireland.

Read on to see the different swimming beaches you’ll find in Ireland and their uniqueness.

Keem Bay, Co Mayo

Keem Bay, Co Mayo

The Keem Bay is suitable for several activities like snorkelling, scuba diving, and boating. The beach is not visible until you take the small road over the clifftops to find this hidden beauty. You can enjoy your vacation here and spend as much time as you want.

At Keem Bay beach, the first thing you’ll notice is the excellent photogenic view. Starting from the radiating blue colour of the water down to the sinking beach and the green lands and cliff. You’ll see pure excellence and perfection in the structure and creation of the Keem Bay.

The Keem Bay can also bless your sight sometimes with a basking shark some distance from the shore. While enjoying the fun in the sinking sand, keep a close eye on your new friend offshore. Give your family a breathtaking view while swimming on this beach.

Bundoran, Co Donegal

Bundoran, Co Donegal

Bundoran is one of the most popular beaches for surfers, swimmers, and even sun worshippers. Its peak and main beach area make it one of the best beaches to visit in Ireland.

The Bundoran was the location for the European Championship 2011. It is also the site for the Sea Seasons Music Festival every June. These events have made Bundoran one of the most popular beaches in Ireland. You can visit this beach with your family for a well-spent vacation.

The Bundoran beach is highly accommodating with its structures. The peak where the waves break over an offshore reef is attractive for professional surfers, while the main beach area is suitable for less experienced surfers. So, whether you’re an expert surfer or beginner, you’ll enjoy the Bundoran waves.

Whiterocks Beach, Co Antrim

Whiterocks Beach, Co Antrim

The landscape, structures, waters, and climatic conditions make the beach suitable for swimming with your family. Whiterocks beach offers 2 miles of sand and high waves that lure surfers, bodyboarders, anglers and surf kayakers. The beach has a lifeguard service and shower cubicles.

From the vast stretches of the sand to honey-coloured dunes and spectacular view of the County Antrim’s 13th-century castle, the Whiterocks beach makes its name. The Whiterocks makes a scenic spot with crowning glory for all and sundry. 

On the beach, you will find chalky white limestone cliffs carefully designed by the North Atlantic. 

Besides swimming, you can stroll the 2 miles of sand. You can explore caves, arches and waterfalls.

You can also carry on with your preferred activities on the shore, in-shore, and the beach. Between May and September, you may see racehorse trainers exercising their horses. And behind the beach, you’ll find a world-class golf course. 

Inchydoney Beach, Co Cork

Inchydoney Beach, Co Cork

With lifeguard services in the summer and gentle waves, Inchydoney beach is safe for swimming and surfing. If you are a beginner surfer, the waves of the Inchydoney beach are gentle and perfect for you. You can also grace your vacation with the lush green fields that roll down to the island. 

The Inchydoney beach has several facilities like a spa, public toilet, and even a bar and restaurant where you can get amazing seafood while staring at the waters. There’s also a surfing school and surfing equipment for hire.

Visit the Inchydoney beach with your family to create a memorable experience for your vacation.

Killiney Beach, Co Dublin

Killiney Beach, Co Dublin

Although you’ll be miles away from the city centre, visiting the Killiney beach will make you feel worlds away. You can do several activities like swimming, surfing, boating, and paddleboarding. You can also take a stroll and enjoy the cool breezes of the sea.

The Killiney beach is a unique kind of beach you will find in Ireland. Unlike most beaches, the Killiney lacks more sand and has more pebbles. 

You may choose to swim at the bay or walk up the high grounds and wallow in the beauty of the beach. 

You can walk up to the highest point at the beach and take an intensive glance at places beyond the beach. 

You can also enjoy the view of marine life and check out the beauty of different fish species. Killiney beach is a suitable place for you and your family to spend your vacation.

Dog's Bay and Gurteen Bay, Co Galway

Dog’s Bay and Gurteen Bay, Co Galway

You could mistake the Gurteen Bay and Dog’s Bay for the Caribbean on a sunny morning. The beach is very suitable for swimming as it has gentle currents. It is also an ideal spot for kitesurfing, windsurfing and fishing. 

A few hundred meters of flat greenfield that separate the twinset of white sand crescents make a spectacular view. Instead of limestones, the sandy beach has foraminifera shells making the sand white. These two features make the beaches unique and worth a visit.

You can swim in Dog’s Bay and Gurteen Bay during your Ireland vacation in Galway

Glanleam Beach, Co Kerry

The Glanleam beach is one of the warmest beaches in Ireland, making it a top spot for sunbathing. The beach has a wild and rugged structure, but not without a sense of beauty and attraction. 

No doubt Ireland houses various beaches that will entice you to visit them. Glanleam beach is a unique one located on Valentia Island. The shoreline of the beach allows you to engage in activities like snorkelling, fishing and even rock climbing. 

The beach is located along the Gulf Stream and at the foot of a perfectly sheltered valley. It is also very quiet.

You will enjoy swimming on this quiet beach and sunbathing. Spend your time at the Glanleam beach in the Ring of Kerry with your friends and family.


There are several fascinating and spectacular beaches you will find in Ireland. 

When you finally have the time to go on a vacation, you can choose to swim in Barley Cove Beach in Cork, Inch Beach in Co Kerry or Dog’s Bay in Co Galway. You can also visit Budoron beach in Co Donegal, Glanleam beach in Kerry, Killiney beach in Co Dublin. 

If you’re planning to have fun with your family in the summer, Ireland is one of the nicest places to have fun. Explore Relax Ireland to rent a holiday home near your chosen beach Ireland. We have luxurious vacation homes in Kerry, Dublin, Cork and other Ireland counties.