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County Clare is one of the well-known areas in Ireland for its natural beauty, meandering coastline, unique landscapes, and rich culture. If you are particularly looking for a romantic getaway, Clare is the place to visit!

You can take a 6-day guided horse ride along the Wild Atlantic way or take a tranquil cruise along River Shannon. Alternatively, take a walk in the Aillwee Cave and Birds of Prey Centre if you love birds. Or enjoy freshly made chocolate in the Hazel Mountain Chocolate tour.

In the following post, we will share some of the most romantic places to visit and activities to take part in Clare. 

Read on. 

Hazel Mountain Chocolate
Photo credit: Hazel Mountain Chocolate

1. Hazel Mountain Chocolate

Hazel Mountain Chocolate is Ireland’s biggest and most well-known chocolate producer. The company is known for crafting chocolate using ethically sourced and sustainable ingredients. You can visit the factory with your loved one, taste chocolaty treats, and even take some of them back to your home.

Hazel Mountain Chocolate provides a guided tour to their well-known bean to bar factory, where the world’s best chocolate experts curate delicious treats. 

The tour lasts for 30 minutes, which includes all the stages of chocolate making, from roasting and cracking to winnowing and tempering. 

You can even sample chocolates during the tour and further enjoy your experience. 

You can even gift this tour to your chocolate-loving partner and collect beautiful memories with them.

The factory was first formed in 2014, and today, it has been honoured with numerous awards such as the prestigious Academy of Chocolate and the Great Taste Awards. 

Outside seating is also offered to the visiting customers at their Hurren location, where you can drop-by and get some delicious hot chocolate. You can then pair it with some mouth-watering chocolates or cakes. 

The factory is open all year round. They also operate a Cafe in collaboration with the Jon Elaisan Design Studio. 

The architecture celebrates the traditional farmhouse with its warm designs and menu. With skilful bakers, trained chocolatiers, and creative directors, the cafe churns out freshly baked organic pastries, cakes, and sandwiches every day.

You can visit the cafe with your partner and spend a relaxing time in a comfortable space. They also offer dairy-free and gluten-free options with a wide range of organic coffees and teas.  

They also have a mercantile store, which sells handmade Irish craft products and goods.Want to know the best month to visit Ireland? Relax Ireland has the answer for you

An Sibin Riding Centre / Equestrian & Leisure Ireland
Photo credit: An Sibin Riding Centre

2. An Sibin Riding Centre / Equestrian & Leisure Ireland

Located in the West of Ireland, An Sibin Riding Centre captures the beauty of the rural Country Clare. With miles of quiet paths, a locality near river Shannon, and the panoramic views of the rolling hills, An Sibin Riding Centre is perfect for those who love horse riding and are looking for a romantic getaway.

The centre offers guided horsemanship lessons with comfortable accommodating on a 300-year-old traditional farmhouse. It is a great place for the entire family to have vacations.

In summers, the centre runs a Galway Clare Burren Trail Ride for 6 days. Through this ride, you can learn about the beautiful nature of Ireland, together with its rich history, while riding on horseback.

The route passes through the beautiful rivers, lakes, bog, forests, and the well-known Burren National Park before ending near the Cliffs of Moher. In this way, the ride combines both horse riding and sightseeing.

The riding centre offers horse riding on these trails:

  • Galway Clare Burren Trail Ride

The Galway Clare Burren Trail Ride offers a six-day ride across Ireland’s beautiful nature. You can visit the unique Burren region and enjoy breakfast near Ireland’s most sought rivers while learning horseback riding.

  • Irish Castle & Monastic Ruin Ride

Through this ride, you will take a 4-day ride across the ancient Irish monastic and castle ruins. You will visit places such as the Palas castle, Portumna Castle, and also take a boat ride to Holy Island. In this way, you can learn all about the rich culture of Ireland.

  • Ballinasloe Horse Fair Ride

This riding fair happens once a year in October. As one of the oldest and traditional horse fairs in Ireland, the main aim of this fair is to bring customers and horse dealers together. Horse sellers and buyers gather in the fair to do business.

In this way, you can ride, jump, and drive horses, mares, or tiny ponies. An Sibin Riding Centre offers a full-day visit to this horse fair.

  • An Sibin Residential Ride

This residential ride passes along the quiet paths and lanes of rural Ireland while passing the river Shannon. You should enrol for this ride if you particularly want to learn the skills of horsemanship, as it involves basic riding tuition. Although shorter stays are possible, the total riding time is 15 hours weekly.

The riding centre offers the following facilities:

  • Complimentary car parking
  • Local golf courses
  • Fishing opportunities
  • Support to non-riding individuals
  • Shannon International Airport transfers

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Killaloe River Cruises
Photo credit: Killaloe River Cruises

3. Killaloe River Cruises

The Killaloe River Cruises provide cruises from the Killaloe/Ballina on the River Shannon. It is a perfect romantic getaway near the water. 

The Killaloe River Cruises offer a one-hour daily boat tour of the Lough Derg and the River Shannon. It provides stunning views, a rundown through Irish history, and a relaxing time near the waters. The boats are suitable for all ages with a purpose-built structure to provide a maximum view of the river. 

The company also offers a Gin Cruise where you can taste three premium gins while exploring the Lough Derg and River Shannon. 

This experience amps up entertainment, as you will be accompanied by an experienced mixologist who helps in selecting the right tonic and garnish with your gin. 

A private charter is also available. After the cruise trip, you can even stop at restaurants and bars to conclude the day.

Aillwee Cave and Birds of Prey Centre
Photo credit: Aillwee Cave and Birds of Prey Centre

4. Aillwee Cave and Birds of Prey Centre

The Aillwee Cave and Birds of Prey Centre is located in Ballyvaughan. With a 35 minute guided walk across some beautiful caverns, waterfalls, and bridges chasms, you can have a relaxing vacation in the region.

The Birds of Prey Centre has one of the largest collections of Birds of Prey in the country, including vultures, hawks, eagles, falcons, and owls. The centre has expert bird handlers that can help you handle amazing raptors and learn more about conservation programs.

The centre also provides wide-ranging educational resources, such as information boards and audio guides, to give detailed information on all the birds. 

There are also daily flying displays scheduled for the visitors to experience a show of wonderful species against the beautiful Burren landscape.

You can also book a hawk walk to interact with one of the most well-sought predators of nature. They are guided by experienced falconers. The one-hour-long walk across the woodland is a unique experience that you can have with your loved ones.

Besides this, you can also visit their farm shop to learn how cheese is made. The cheese is gouda style with a creamy taste. You can learn about the 35-year story of this award-winning Burren Gold cheese while tasting it.

You can even join an exclusive Aillwee cheese club. As a club member, you will get a cheese box monthly every three months. The cheese box consists of various seasoned cheeses with the products specifically picked by the team of Farm Shop.  

The following facilities are available at the Bird of Prey Centre:

  • Cater for coaches and groups
  • Complimentary car parking
  • Location near the Wild Atlantic Way and Galway Bay

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Want a romantic getaway in the beautiful country of Ireland? We have the perfect list for you! 

You can take a horse ride across the Wild Atlantic way with your horse-loving partner, or a cruise down River Shannon with a mixologist on board! If you’re a bird-watching couple, take the guided walk in the Aillwee Cave and Birds of Prey Centre.

Are you looking for accommodation in Clare? You can find affordable and safe accommodation options right here.

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